Track your time and environment

AirDoro app

Awesome time and environment tracker that you’ll love

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  • Time tracking
  • Noise and ambient lighting tracking
  • Automatic ‘Do not disturb’ phone mode in Focus time session
  • Daily and weekly stats
  • Works with or without the device
  • Tips on to train your Focus timespan
  • Social challenges
  • History of your sessions
  • Social feed

AirDoro gadget + app

Boost your productivity with the full gadget + app experience

$98 lifetime
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  • One tap ‘Focus work’ experience
  • Physical wooden device
  • 3 programable buttons for different time intervals and task types
  • Always in sync with the app
  • CO2 sensor
  • Temp sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Color display with metrics and timer
  • LED CO2 Indicators
  • Battery on-board
  • Bluetooth + Wifi connectivity
  • Update-over-Air